Episode 4 - And Then There Were Two

Welcome back! Thanks for joining us for Episode 4.

This week we announce, with heavy hearts, that Corinna has had to make the decision to stop podcasting due to work and life obligations. While we'll miss her greatly, we support her decision to focus on juggling a busy work/life schedule, and she will be welcomed back as a guest any time she likes.

In addition to our usual WIPs and FOs chatter, we also have a few special stash enhancements to talk about. We discuss a recent craft night in which we experimented with needle felting kits in preparation for planning our SAFF wish lists. In that segment, we talk about how successfully we were able to complete the projects and whether or not we would try these types of kits in the future.

img_4738 (1).jpg

All of our show notes are given below, with information and links to what we discussed in this episode. Let us know if you can't find any information you need.

As always, we would love to hear from you! Do you have any experience with needle felting or is it something you would like to try? Is there a topic you would like us to discuss next? Are there any excellent tips or items we should check out? Please feel free to leave a comment, contact us on Ravelry (either by message or in the group), or drop us a note through the Contact page.

We hope you enjoy the episode. Please stay tuned for more crafty goodness, coming to your earbuds soon!

What We're Working On (a.k.a. WIPs):

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SAFF - Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (10/28/2016 - 10/30/2016)

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We can be found on Ravelry and would love to hear from you! We would love for you to join the podcast group, if you haven't already. 

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