Episode 9 - WIPed into Shape

Welcome back! Thanks for joining us for Episode 9.

This week, in addition to the regular segments about WIPs and FOs, Kristi and Dana discuss plans and prizes for the Winter Craftalong starting on January 15th. We're also recapping our 2016 craft goals and stats and discussing WIP management (or lack thereof).

All of our show notes are given below, with information and links to what we discussed in this episode. Let us know if you can't find any information you need.

We're very excited to announce our first Craftalong ! We are kicking off the Winter Craftalong on January 15th and it will end on March 15th. We currently have two prizes for the Craftalong , and we will be working to have more prizes available as well. Check out the awesome prizes below! The general guidelines for the Craftalong are as follows:

  • Enter projects that you associate with winter
  • Must be a member of the Ravelry group to enter
  • Must be a fiber arts craft (knit, crochet, sew, quilt, stitch, spin, weave, etc)
  • Must be a substantial project (i.e. approx 100 grams for knitting/crochet projects)
  • Must include a photo of finished object with entry
  • Multiple entries allowed (one post per project)
  • WIPs can be entered, as long as it is done by March 15. 
  • Winners will be chosen by random drawing from the FO thread

We hope you join us for the Craftalong, we would love to see what you're working on!

Winter Craftalong Prizes

  1. Project bag donated by Twist Fiber Studio (Thank you Ashley!!)
  2. Amplitude Shawl pattern by Greg Cohoon of the Unraveling with Greg and Joey podcast (Thank you Greg!!!)

As always, we would love to hear from you! How do you manage your WIPs? Are you a monogamous crafter or do you have a project stashed in every nook and cranny? Head over to the Ravelry group and let us know! Is there a topic you would like us to discuss next? Are there any excellent tips or items we should check out? Please feel free to leave a comment, contact us on Ravelry (either by message or in the group), or drop us a note through the Contact page.

We hope you enjoy the episode. Please stay tuned for more crafty goodness, coming to your earbuds soon!

Craftalong plans
Kristi will work on her "The Grapes of Warmth Cowl" which also helps her with her WIP management goals.

Dana will work on her Mason-ish Mitts and her Amplitude shawl. 

2016 Craft Review:

  • Kristi's 2016 Goals
    • Knit with better yarn
    • Knit more selfishly
    • Knit more complicated/bigger items
  • Kristi's 2016 Stats
    1. Total knit/crochet items: 77!!
    2. Charity/Donation: 42
    3. Gifts: 22
    4. Selfish: 13
  • Kristi's 2017 Goals
    1. Begin February with zero knitting/crochet debt & as few existing WIPs as possible
    2. Knit more complicated/bigger items
    3. Knit more selfishly
    4. Knit from stash as much as possible
    5. Continue practicing Spindle Spinning
    6. Sew project bags and possibly garments
  • Dana's 2016 Stats
    1. Total knit/crochet items: 17
    2. Yards: 6,215
    3. 3 pairs of socks, 1 adult sweater, 3 baby sweaters, 5 shawls
  • Dana's 2017 Goals: Um, make more stuff? Definitely enter stuff into Textillia. These are still in progress. :)

What We're Working On (a.k.a. WIPs):

What We've Finished (a.k.a. FOs):

What We Couldn't Resist (a.k.a. Stash Enhancement):

Where We'll Be (Upcoming Events):

Pints & Purls Charlotte at Sugar Creek Brewing Thursday January 19th.

Where You Can Find Us: 

We can be found on Ravelry and would love to hear from you! We would love for you to join the podcast group, if you haven't already. 

Our Ravelry group is The Crafty Hive Podcast